Safety First. Race Second.

Motorsports Safety Group is the collaboration of forward thinking minds geared towards continuing efforts that serve to foster improvements in the safety of racing. The goals of Motorsports Safety Group embody the interests of the group and its partners, ensuring the safety and health of racing teams and their loyal following.

Motorsports Safety Group will continue to build this network as we work cooperatively with organizations harboring kindred interests. We will rely on the experiences of the motor racing industry, foundations, research organizations and evidence-based data, and will develop educational platforms such as seminars to share this information. This is a dynamic trajectory. Our challenge remains target-centric with regards to strengthening worldwide awareness to create and integrate growing technological advancements with cutting edge science to continue reinforcing SAFETY FIRST, RACE SECOND.

This is not a pit stop, it’s a long term solution.

We invite you to join us and welcome your ideas.