MSG is very proud to announce another stellar addition to the group. Dr. Lara Carlson, Associate Professor in the College of Westbrook College of Health Professions at the University of New England, brings with her not only expertise across the entire landscape of strength conditioning and physiology in both the collegiate and professional ranks, but also studies she's guided that directly affects the performance of racer athletes. Holding positions on a number of prestigious boards, Dr. Carlson has given some of the most intriguing data driven talks across the country, including The International Council of Motorsports Sciences, NASCAR, and many others. She's described the “core-to-shell ratio”, related to body heat and the importance of effectively circulating blood volume. With strong ties to racing in addition to working with notable Indy car driver athletes, it was her relationship with her brother that fostered her initial interest, which has now blossomed in her becoming one of the top most sought after leaders in her specialty. We look forward to her scholarship as Motorsports Safety Group continues its united push in establishing the new standard for the safety in racing.  WELCOME Dr. Carlson!